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About wefox

wefox was founded by Julian Teicke, Dario Fazlic, Fabian Wesemann, Jonathan Seoane and Teodoro Martino in 2014. It is currently headed by Tasos Chatzimichailidis. Wefox is a digital platform that connects insurance providers, distributors and customers. The company has set out to reinvent the way people experience insurance: by simplifying its complexities, ensuring total transparency and eliminating inconvenience. wefox knows that 91% of all insurance products are still sold by human agents. That’s why it focuses on brokers as the most important distribution channel. The platform has become a trusted digital home for the insurance industry. wefox is a technology, services and data company that has build the underlying platform for the insurance ecosystem of the future. It is able to provide its service for all insurance companies in the market.

Further information: www.wefox.de

This is wefox

wefox is the first service platform for all your insurance needs, which enables you to easily access all your insurance contracts at any time from anywhere and request and enter into new contracts or quit the old ones with just one click. All services are available online and you can choose your personal assistant by yourself, who supports you if wanted or needed – vendor-neutral. We offer that all around service web-based or as an app – for free!

Our vision

The company with locations in Berlin, Zurich, Vienna and Barcelona was founded in November 2014 in Switzerland by Dario Fazlic, Teodoro Martino, Jonathan Seoane, Fabian Wesemann and Julian Teicke with the view of giving the customers an overview of their insurance contracts — anytime and anywhere. Together with marketing, insurance and IT specialists, the young team developed the first service platform where you can access all your insurance contracts and get a vendor-neutral advice.