wefox About us

wefox: the digital marketplace for insurance.

Our goal

wefox is simplifying the way we manage our insurance, improving the insurance experience and building trust – both now and in the future. wefox focuses on making people feel safe – the core principle of insurance. wefox aims to minimise each insurer’s risk by finding the best fit for each situation.

For customers

It is the simplest way to manage your perfectly tailored insurance coverage on a digital platform, allowing for simplified and personalized consultation for all things insurance – a simple customer experience is our goal.

For brokers

It is the most efficient way to streamline client management and to increase overall engagement. wefox allows them to manage and consult with their customers 100% digitally.

For insurance agencies

It means direct access to distributors, the ability to leverage big data and easy processing. They are able to run data-driven campaigns to reach the right customer with their products.

About wefox

wefox’s digital marketplace serves customers, brokers and insurance companies by offering an intelligent and efficient way to manage insurance and financial products, and back-office procedures. wefox combines modern opportunities with expertise, traditional experience with an innovative, digital approach.

Founded in November 2014, wefox was created by the Swiss brand FinanceFox. wefox is a digital platform that shifts a classic industry to a integrated digital platform. Since operations began in Switzerland in September 2015, in Germany in October 2015 and in Austria in March 2017, wefox has already welcomed more than 250,000 clients in record time. The company, which has over 200 employees, works with numerous local brokers and is always improving and expanding on its network. Expansion into additional countries is underway.

Find out more at www.wefox.com