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The wefox Digital Marketplace.

The wefox platform is the innovative distribution channel for insurers.

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The wefox Digital Marketplace.

wefox unites insurance companies, brokers and customers.

Insurance companies can use aggregated and anonymized customer data to design tailored products for specific target groups and publish them in the Marketplace as part of automated marketing campaigns – giving brokers the ability to deliver exactly what they want in real time: Insurance meeting their needs.

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Growing in a targeted way.

Qualified data makes the difference.

The functionality of analysis within the insurer portal allows the identification of target groups, automated product campaigns for segmented customers as well as an efficient and sustainable analysis of the target group growth.

wefox NextGen API
The NextGen API at wefox

The NextGen API.

Exchanging data efficiently accelerates processes and improves the user experience.

The NextGen API is the next-generation interface and forms the procedural and technical basis for the Digital Marketplace. It allows qualified data to be exchanged safely between brokers and insurers in real-time. Efficient processes enable a brand new user experience for insurance companies, brokers and customers.

Creating innovations together with wefox

Creating innovations together.

Let’s change the insurance business.

With wefox, insurance companies have the ideal partner at their side to develop and test innovations in a dynamic environment. Previous projects have dealed with efficient caring for the needs of brokers, digital processes of contract closing and innovative distribution approaches. Let’s launch a project together as well to advance the digitization of the insurance business.

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