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  • Your expert takes care of the rest
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Who can help me with my claim?
We at wefox can.

Good thing there’s wefox! We can handle everything relating to your damage assessment (liabilty, household, motor etc.), documentation and communication with the insurance agency’s internal adjusters.

Our insurance experts know just how to assist you from A to Z, from the filing process to the settlement, accelerate processes and find optimal solutions for everyone involved.

  • Simply upload a picture of the damages in your wefox app
  • We will help you throughout the entire filing process
  • You’ll be kept up-to-date on your case status

File a claim here.

Are you ready to file a claim? It’s simple. You can do so through the app or by sending an email describing your case to your insurance expert. You can also call us, of course.

Handling damage claims with ease:
Fair, solution-oriented & responsible.

Complicated claims filings and paperwork is a thing of the past. Through digital interfaces, we can send pertinent information to the relevant companies.

Naturally, there are times where your insurance company will contact you directly, when necessary. This helps to ensure that each individual case is handled with fairness and meticulous, solution-oriented service. Of course we are always there to advise you, should you need an additional support.

The fact is: our insurance experts will handle communication with claims adjusters to get a fair result for you. You will receive quick updates on all information pertaining to your claim, each step of the way.

Your benefits as a wefox customer.

  • You simply tell us what happened – via App, email or on the phone
  • We’ll record the relevant details straight away
  • We’ll get in touch with your insurer
  • We’ll negotiate on your behalf for a fair claim
  • We’ll keep you informed about your claim status
  • We are always there to advise you
  • We’ll share important information with you immediately