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Your insurance expert acts to the best of his knowledge and belief – on your behalf. Rely on him to do what you want him to do. In the beginning, he will complete a general InsuranceCheck with you. In this check, your needs are clarified and possible insurance gaps revealed – based on questions about your general life situation.

In addition, your expert analyzes potential risks that you might be exposed to and how they can be safely covered by suitable insurance solutions – without obligation, independently and entirely confidentially. By the way: The protection of your data is particularly important to us and is subject to strict guidelines prescribed by law. Trusting and competent advice is our focus.

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“I am glad to have tried out wefox. My insurance expert has recommended the app to me. He now oversees all my contracts in the app and I’m always up-to-date. I save time and anxiety. I just can recommend wefox to everyone.”

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“With wefox I can finally manage my contracts online. I have already optimized a lot. My insurance expert advises me in all matters, if I want to. I’m completely satisfied.”

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“The app is great. It is contemporary, I have an overview and, most importantly, full cost control. I can make adjustments at any time, arrange appointments and will be informed in time about important details such as contract periods via push messages or SMS.”

Liability Insurance

In case of damage you are well covered with a liability insurance – an insurance policy that belongs to the must-haves. After all, if a damage occurs, that involves people, it can quickly lead to significant costs that, in the worst case, could accompany you throughout your life. You can find all information about that important insurance under Liability Insurance.

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Private Pension

We all know that the statutory retirement pension will not be enough. Therefore, it is especially important to make a private provision for old age. There are several types of private pension plans, depending on their type and your budget. Discover all about your options to provide for your own age and to enjoy your retirement in a relaxed way on Private Pensions.

Occupation Disability Insurance at wefox Icon

Occupation Disability

Ensuring one’s entire working life makes sense for young people – especially when they depend on their physical labor. But even for all other employees, a disability insurance can be a suitable alternative to protect against loss of earnings due to physical or mental harms. Read more here on our page about the Occupation Disability Insurance.


Private Dental Insurance

Healthy teeth belong to a beautiful smile. In order to maintain this, a private supplementary dental insurance is indispensable for the moderate benefits of the statutory health insurance. An additional dental insurance is also very useful for children. In the course of your life, you may be charged a high amount of money, which can be covered by a dental insurance – up to 100 percent. Find out here about the types of Dental Insurances.


Private Health Insurance

Unfortunately, the benefits of the statutory health insurance are being cut more and more. That is why many insured individuals wish to be members of a private health insurance. It promises significantly more extensive benefits and an improved treatment offer with favorable contributions. But if you would like to cover privately, you should meet some criteria and pitfalls. How to get a private health insurance and what conditions have to be fulfilled, you can read on our page about the Private Health Insurance.


Private Pension Insurance

In addition to the statutory pension, it is advisable to make provision for the retirement age. There are many different ways to save on your pension, so you do not have to rely on state help later on. From state-subsidized savings models such as company pension plans on Riester and Rürup – up to the classic private pension insurance. All important information can be found on our page on Private Pension Insurance.

Dog Liability Insurance at wefox Icon

Dog Liability Insurance

A dog is like a family member to many people. That’s why they are also insured accordingly. Incidentally, a dog liability is mandatory in many states. A Dog Liability Insurance protects you from small and large mishaps that can cause your four-legged friend. Also abroad. In addition, a dog liability insurance covers damages that could happen during your absence – for example, dog-sitting. It also protects those who take care of your loved one. Learn more about the protection of your dog on our page about the Dog Liability Insurance.

Riester-Rente Icon

Riester Pension

Especially for high earners and self-employed, it is worthwhile to conclude a Riester pension. It promises tax benefits to save on a financial cushion in old age. In addition, the Riester pension offers various variations, as a Riester bank savings plan, Riester investment fund savings plan, Riester pension insurance and as a Riester home savings plan. With a Riester pension, you can enjoy a life-long annuity. Of course, there is also the possibility to pay off an immediate pension. All interesting tips can be found on our page on the Riester Pension.

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